Frequently Asked Questions  

What does it do?
    Coyotes protect pumps from running dry, from overload, and from bad power.  There is no plumbing and no probes.  They are built rugged for tough jobs.

On what kind of  pumps does it work?
    Submersibles, centrifugals, jets, and sumps

In what kinds of applications?
    Water wells, oil wells, booster and lift stations, chemical transfer, mine dewatering, sewage treatment, solution mining, food processing, construction dewatering, and cleanup of aquifers contaminated by hydrocarbons are the most common.

How does it work?
    Coyote monitors the incoming power and the electrical characteristics of the motor.  When the pump quits pumping fluid, those characteristics change, and the Coyote shuts it off.

What if there is not enough fluid to pump when the pump restarts?
    Coyote will let it run just one second, shut it off, wait the time dialed on the timer and try again, until there is enough to pump.

What if I want to turn on the pump before the timer has run its cycle?
    Just push the RESET button or turn the power off and then on again at the circuit breaker and the pump will restart.

Do I have to order a different Coyote for each size motor?
    No. Each Coyote model covers a wide horsepower range and will operate on any 
motor in that range.

Will it work on power supplied by generators and phase converters?
    Coyotes will operate with generators and rotary phase converters..

What about protection from the environment?
    The insides of Coyote are sealed in plastic to keep out moisture, insects and blowing sand and dust.

What about power outages?
    When the power is out, the pump won't run.  When it comes back on, Coyote 
automatically resets itself.  There is no need to touch anything.

What about lightning induced power surges?
    Rugged and effective protection for the electronics of Coyote is built-in.

What about alarm contacts?
    All Coyotes except the Mini, Basic & PS models have contacts to activate an alarm (bell, light, pulse) on any fault condition.

What if I need something a little different from the standard unit?
    Please call us.  Options too numerous to detail here are available.